Practice Areas

  • Real estate
    Real estate

    Having focused much of its activity in the real estate area, Luis Aguiar & Associados offers qualified professionals – lawyers and solicitor- that ensures legal support in the whole process of buying and selling properties - see highlights.

  • Commercial

      Among others, we are qualified to advise you as well as preparing and formalizing all acts of corporate and commercial law, namely: Constitution of companies; Corporate changes (Head Office, capital stock, social contract and articles of association, object, etc); Transfer of shares;  Divisions, mergers and transformations of companies; Dissolution and liquidation of companies; Commercial contracts; Legal advice to companies; Bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques; Offshore companies.

  • Civil

    Legal advice and drafting of all types of contracts: Buying and selling; Location of establishment (operating leasing); Rentals; Mutual; Mortgage; Lending; Building; Lease.

  • Family

    The Law Branch in which legal advice and monitoring is important, includes several areas such as:  - Marriage and union;  - Divorce with and without consent;  - Regulation of Parental Responsibilities;  - Failures (maintenance, visits, etc.)  - Investigation of paternity;  - Maintenance (fixation, alteration);  - Litigation.

  • Notary and Registry
    Notary and Registry

    Some examples of notarial acts whose competence is conferred by law to lawyers and solicitors and for which you may contact us: Single acts: -Certification of photocopies; -Witnissing of signatures; -Elaboration and formalization of proxies; -Translation certificates; -Document authentication; Miscellaneous contracts dispensed of public deed. LA-Associados also ensures that all documents and registration acts are obtained, either personally at the Registry Department or through Online registries: -Land Registry; -Civil registry; -Automobile registry; -Commercial registry; -National Register of companies.

  • Non-habitual resident
    Non-habitual resident

    The investment tax code, approved by Decree-Law No. 249/2009 of 23 September, created a fiscal regime for with tax benefit for non residents in Portugal in the last 5 years, which has attracted to Portugal qualified residents in high-added-value activities or intellectual property or industrial know-how, as well as pension beneficiaries obtained abroad.   Luis Aguiar & Associados with high experience with customers from many countries, particularly in Northern Europe, UK and France, ensure legal support in obtaining non-habitual resident status, from the beginning until the conclusion of the whole process.

  • Laboral

    Legal advice. Among others:  - Elaboration of work contracts;  - Termination of employment contracts;  - Disciplinary proceedings;  - Litigation.   

  • Inheritance

    LA-Associados is prepared and entitled to give you advice on succession after death so that yoru intentions are satisfied, within the limits of the law. LA-Associados may also give you advice and legal support regarding the entire legal process of inheritances with or without will. Donations; Wills; Inheritance; Entitlement of heirs; Stamp duty process; Division; Judicial inventory; Succession for foreigners: residents and non-residents.

  • Our products

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